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Titan Generators

The Titan Induatrial Company designs, manufacturs and markets industrial quality portable electric generators, pressure washers, air compressors, and trash pumps. Through their network of independent representatives, the company sells products to both distributors and original equipment manufacturers. Titan employs highly skilled manufacturing employees that produce products in their Travelers Rest, SC location.

Industrial / Commercial Generators

Titan's generator product line is divided into 2 product offerings: Diesel and Gasoline powered portable generators. In each of these categories Titam offers several models with various power output ratings ranging from 2500 to 7200 watts for gas powered generators, and 4800 to 6000 watts for diesel powered generators. The Titan generator line is aimed at heavy duty contractor / jobsite industrial applications and customers that have portable power requirements and want a sturdy built / quality generator.

Titan industrial gasoline generator   Titan model 8500 (gasoline)
Titan industrial diesel generator   Titan model 5500 (diesel)

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