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Generator Head and PTO Generators

Generator Unit Only (Generator Head)

The term "Generator Head" refers to the piece of equipment that actually creates the electricity. A generator head resembles an electric motor and in-effect operates as the reverse of a electric motor. The generator head creates electricity by passing a set of electric coils thru a magnetic field. A generator set (gen set) requires that the generator head be driven by a seperate motor in order to operate as an operation generator. Several manufacturers offer generator heads for sale in addition to their regular product line. These units can be used as a repair part or perhaps an upgrade to and existing gen set or as a custom engineered application.

Generator Head Units             GenHeads

Power Take Off Unit (PTO Generator)

A Power Take-Off Unit (PTO) is a generator (or any piece of equipment for that matter) that attaches to a seperate power / motor source that is configured with an output shaft. The most commom application for a PTO generator is the use of a farm tractor to drive a generator (or other equipment) thru its power take off shaft. Almost all farm tractors have a PTO shaft that can drive various pieces of farm equipment in the field. Farm PTO generators may be driven by a tractor, but there are also quiet a few "industrial" applications where a PTO generator can be used, taking power from an existing piece of equipment or any turning shaft.

tractor PTO generator             3 point hitch PTO generator
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