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Kubota Electric Power Generators

All Kubota generators come equipped with the famed Kubota environmentally friendly diesel engine and share Kubota's reputation for quality, respect for the environment, and slow noise output. Equipment manufacturers around the work use these generators as part of their procucts.

Industrial worksite Generators

Kuboto produces a line of compact and powerful industrial work-site generators all running from Kubota's renowned compact and quiet diesel engines. All of the Kubota generators come built into a sturdy steel enclosure that can be moved around the jobsite with either a tow motor picking it up by its integrated forklift guides built under the unit, or by attancing a cable to its balanced lifting point built into the top of each enclosure. There are 4 series of generators to choose from:
GL series - LowBoy II - 2 pole, single phase - 6 kW to 11 kW
J series - Semi-Open - 2 pole, single and 3 phase - 5.5 kW to 18.8 kW
KJ series - Heavy Duty - 4 pole, single and 3 phase - 12.5 kW to 21.6 kW
SQ series - Super Quiet - 4 pole, single and 4 phase - 13.6 kW to 28 kW

Kubota GL Series generator             Kubota J Series generator             Kubota KJ Series generator             Kubota SQ Series generator             Kubota generator (cutaway view)

Company Information

Kubota is a large Japanese coproration based in Osaka Japan. The company employs aproxinately 25 thousand individuals worldwide and has gross sales of nearly $1 billion.

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